Lab Members

Xiaolin He, Lab Technician and Manager

Xiaolin He picture (for website)

Xiaolin has extensive expertise in animal handling, animal surgeries, and histology, amongst many other things. She likes to explore alternative solutions to problems and have an open mind about what will work best.

Anwar Shatil, MRI Research Technician

Anwar is from Bangladesh and he completed his Masters in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, where he developed expertise on advanced quantitative MR/CT image-processing techniques. Before joining St. Michael’s Hospital, he worked at Winnipeg Health Sciences Center, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center and SickKids. His current research involves development and processing of abdominal MRI-based diffusion, elastography and perfusion techniques under the supervision of Drs. Anish Kirpalani and Darren Yuen. In his pastime, Anwar loves to play cricket and do music with his band. His ultimate research goal is to explore the usability of different MR imaging techniques in predicting future organ dysfunctions.

Julian (Tianzhou) Zhang, Ph.D.  (postdoctoral research fellow)


Tianzhou is a postdoctoral researcher who started in Oct, 2016. He is working on the Arf6 regulation mechanism in Slit2/Robo4 signaling pathway in diabetic kidney; and mechanoregulation of YAP/TAZ signaling during kidney fibrosis.

Research Experience:

April, 2010—September, 2016: Ph.D research fellow/ researcher in Biotechnology Centre, University of Oslo.

August, 2007—September, 2009: Master student in Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Department of Molecular Bioscience, University of Oslo.

Santosh Kumar, Ph.D.  (postdoctoral research fellow)

Santosh (1)

Santosh is a postdoctoral fellow who started in January 2018. He is working on the role of fibroblast metabolism in the regulation of fibrosis.


Luisa Severino, Ph.D.  (postdoctoral research fellow) 

Luisa (2)

Luisa is a postdoctoral fellow who started in May 2018. She is working on the role of mechanobiology in the onset of fibrosis.

Research Experience:

November,2017- April, 2018: Postdoctoral fellow to Elettra Sincrotrone of Trieste, Italy

November, 2014- October, 2017: Ph.D research fellow/ researcher in Nanotechnology, University of Trieste, Italy.

October 2011- December 2013: Master student in Biotechnology, University of Naples.

Eno Hysi (postdoctoral research fellow)


Eno Hysi received his PhD from the Department of Physics at Ryerson University and is currently a Banting and KRESCENT Fellow at St. Michael’s Hospital, Division of Nephrology in Toronto. A Vanier Scholar throughout his PhD, Eno was first introduced to photoacoustic imaging during his BSc in Medical Physics. Eno developed photoacoustic imaging techniques for detecting red blood cell aggregation during his MSc in Biomedical Physics in 2012, graduating with a Gold Medal. His research has produced over 15 publications, 34 papers in conference proceedings, 2 book chapters/reviews and over 80 presentations. Throughout his studies, Eno was the recipient of numerous academic awards and scholarships including the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, NSERC’s Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and most recently, two prestigious research fellowships. His research interests include ultrasound and photoacoustic tissue characterization for biomedical applications such as cancer treatment monitoring and blood hemodynamics as well as assessing transplant organ quality.

Monica Tolosa, PhD candidate


Monica is a PhD student at the Yuen lab. She is currently working on Hippo pathway regulation in various models of fibrosis.

Paraish Misra, M.D.,Ph.D. (co-supervised Ph.D. student – with Dr. Cristina Nostro)


Paraish is a nephrologist who completed his clinical training at the University of Toronto. He is completing a PhD, co-supervised with Dr. Cristina Nostro, testing the potential of pancreatic progenitor cells as a treatment for diabetes. He is supported by a KRESCENT postdoctoral fellowship.

Victoria Ki, M.Sc. student

Victoria Ki
From a young age, I aspired to pursue a career that combined my interests in biological sciences and healthcare. In the last year of my BSc in the Life Sciences program at Queen’s University, I had the opportunity to conduct my research in molecular genomics and was fascinated by the endless possibilities it can contribute to improving the future of healthcare. I found particular interest in the molecular basis of renal failure, due to its intricate relationship with multiple different organ systems, and wished to explore the topic on a more clinical level in my graduate studies. For my thesis, I am excited to be working on determining pro-fibrotic factors that contribute to the development of fibrovascular injury. I look forward to the valuable learning experience with the support and collaboration with Dr. Yuen and the lab members.

Yuen Alumni:

Eyesha Hashim (Postdoc research fellow 2017 - 2019)
Eyesha developed new MRI-based diffusion and elastography techniques to image kidney fibrosis and its consequences. She is currently completing a Medical Physics Residency at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Johnny Zhang (MSc 2019)
Johnny studied the role of Robo receptors in regulating diabetic renal injury. He is currently a medical editor for Klick Health.

Fallou Wade (Postdoc research fellow 2016 - 2017)
Fallou worked on The biochemical and biomechanical regulation of fibroblast metabolism.He is currently an Assistant Professor at Amadou Mahtar Mbow.  

Feng Gao Visiting Scientist Jan - July 2016
Feng spent time as a visiting scientist in the lab in 2016. He is now a staff pathologist at the Third Hospital of Heibei Medical University, and is the Associate Chief Physician within the Department of Pathology.

Lauren Glick (research student) 2016 - 2017
Lauren worked on a project studying how CKD might affect the ability to drive. She is currently an internal medicine resident at the University of Toronto.

David Kepecs (research student) 2016 - 2017
David worked on a project studying how CKD might affect the ability to drive. He is current a family medicine resident at the University of Toronto.
Ahmad Sidiqi M.Sc.'15 Ahmad completed his M.Sc. between 2013 - 2015. He is now an ophthamology resident at McMaster University.  
Stephen Szeto M.Sc.'15 Stephen completed his M.Sc. between 2013 - 2015. He is now a physical medicine resident at the University of Toronto.
James Lineen (Postdoc fellow 2014 - 2015)
James worked on a a clinical project examining the effects of in-centre nocturnal hemodialysis on endothelial progenitor cells. He will be starting a nephrology faculty position in Ireland in 2016.
Hillary Chan B.Sc.'15 Hillary completed an undergraduate 4th year thesis project between 2014 - 2015. She is now a M.Hsc. student in the University of Toronto's Translational Research Program.
Lauren Chan (Summer student '14)
Lauren spent two summers (2013, 2014) in the Yuen lab, working on mechanoregulation and slit2 projects. She is a med student at Queen's.
Maya Deeb (Summer student '14) Maya spent a summer in 2014 in the Yuen lab, working on mechanoregulation projects. She is an internal medicine resident at the University of Toronto.

Karen Nguyen (Summer student '14) Karen spent summer of 2014 with the Yuen lab. She will be starting at McMaster's nursing school in September 2015. 

Derek Sun (Summer student '14) Derek spent a summer in 2014 in the Yuen lab. He is now a MD student in the United States.